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If you want a lot of bang for your buck you might want to consider my Tarot deck - 97 cards, with awesome spot gloss!

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Drowning City style test by egypturnash
Drowning City style test
Figuring out how I'm going to make my next comic look the way it does in my head without spending huge amounts of time painting it.
Decrypting Rita, page 153
I'm still spending most of my time drawing that comic I draw! This is the only page in chapter 14's second time around; all of the next chapter is drawn and will be showing up in the next few days.
Decrypting Rita, page 9143 by egypturnash
Decrypting Rita, page 9143
You know that comic I've been drawing? I'm still drawing it. I just haven't posted a page excerpt in a while.

This is actually an excerpt from the page I dropped into the queue last night. You can read the whole chapter up to the previous page on the comic's site:…

And if you were supporting me on Patreon, you'd be able to see the whole page early here:…
Lashina by egypturnash

Another one of the Female Furies.

For Lashina, I felt I had a tight edge to walk - I wanted to keep what is, quite honestly, the BDSM flavor of her outfit, but de-objectify it a bit. Those rings around the tits were cute, Jack, but kinda blatant. I took it down to one simple signifier: she's got a collar with a ring on it. Also she whips people with the steel ribbons she's tied up in but that's nothing new.

Big Barda by egypturnash
Big Barda

Big Barda: looks like Lanie Kazan, acts like Roz Kirby. And kicks all the ass. As with my previous redesign of Orion, I tried to take Jack Kirby’s original design and strip it down to an essential. Barda’s fish-scaled armor has turned into hex-scaled armor, and the hexagon theme of her belt in some of Jack’s drawings has been extended to the red bands on her limbs. The panties-over-leggings look is gone because the ‘circus strong man’ resonance it conjured up in the fifties is long since gone for modern people like me.

The floating bits on her powered-up Power Rod are held there by gravity manipulation, and can be extended very rapidly. Not that she needs it to kick your ass. But it comes in handy when she’s beating apocalypse-sized gods down to size.



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Egypt Urnash
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Born in New Orleans, moved to Los Angeles in the nineties and did web cartoons. Burnt out on the animation biz after having a ringside seat on the disastrous relaunch of a property she loved growing up. Moved back home and lost everything in Katrina. Currently living in Seattle and dabbling in burlesque dance while continuing to draw stuff.

Check out the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn.

Current comics project: Decrypting Rita
If you're gonna be at Emerald City Comic-Con this weekend, come by and see me! I'll be at table CC-09 in the artist's alley, at the back of the second hall.

Thanks to me being slow this winter, I won't have any copies of Rita book 2, but I'll have some book 1 on hand if you still don't have that! Plus prints, plus just stopping by and saying "hey I like your stuff".

Peggy ECCC by egypturnash


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Stalk... Um, I mean, looking at your great art!

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Hey! Thanks again for the website(johnkstuff) it is fantastic!!!
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Happy birthday!
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wooow u are frecking incredible.
i normally just use illustrator to make some logos but u made a whole comic with it :OOO
and all the backgrounds and everything, just wooow
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Another fan of your tarot deck here! Also, the companion book has been, by far, more fun to read than any other tarot book I've seen.
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Hey long time no see.
egypturnash Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I'm still doin' the same weird flat-color schtick. Some things never change.
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I love and use your tarot deck. That is all.
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Happy Birthday! :party:
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Happy birthday!
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Thanks for the reply, Ill definitely look into color profiles! My prints have been coming out a little off, Im not really used to printing things!
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Your art is awesome! :iconcoolplz:
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Wonderful stuff! You clearly know what you are doing.
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Hey :)
I'm a also a random daviant - from germany - and just wanted to tell you: your tarot deck is awesome. amazing work, congratz! Just had to buy it on amazon...
Keep on drawing ;)
egypturnash Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I am constantly delighted that there are people out there falling in love with it!
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:iconhappywaveplz: Hello from a random deviant!
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Hello random deviant!
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